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Great race gun designed for IPSC Major Power Factor ammunition. 355 Caliber with T2 Compensator. CNC Machined from Titanium, ensuring lightweight strength and durability. 38 Super. Performance Defined. These aluminum 2011 grips are designed and manufactured right here in the USA. Your choice of Lightening Cuts. Binary Eng. As the name implies, this is a full-size 5”-barrel gun built on their 2011 double-stack platform. The rifling is 1 in 16 twist and has six lands and grooves. STI 1911 / 2011 Disconnector This compensator is new and has never been installed. STI Eagle 5. 38 Super, . The ZEV Pro Compensator will help you push your shooting to a new level. 223/5. Features: * Match grade bull barrel with integrated T2 compensator * Additional barrel & slide porting * C-More with blast deflector * Extended mag release & oversize magwell * Pinned grip safety * S/S ambidextrous safety * Reversible slide racker * Sintered grip panels * STI padded guncase * Thumb STI TACTICAL 5. PRECISION. Description: This STI 2011 Series Competitor race gun in . 40SW DOUBLE STACK STI Internationals patented 2011 technology gives the STI Tactical more fire power advantage than 1911 tactical pistols. A powerful array of caliber options, means you get to choose the right size for your needs. CNC Machined from Lightweight Stainless Steel, ensuring strength and durability. Engineered with the 3-gun competitor in mind, the Marauder is built to be light, fast and capable. STI International. Code: STITV6MI. Recoil and muzzle rise are often the two most significant deterrents to accurate and rapid fire. Condition is excellent showing minor range use. $3,399. 0 . This one’s a “sight tracker” 9mm 2011 (double-stack 1911), and it’s apparently the first of four Costa Ludus specials. I. Complete Magazines. It is always recommended to have a competent Gun Smith fit safeties! Custom Work For Sale. . S. 00. CFD1 + Add to Cart. In the STI Trubor, STI International delivers the best race ready factory pistol by combining its patented 2011 technology and compensated barrel with all the most desired accessories for a race gun. The 45acp cartridge does not generate a lot of gas pressure/volume. If you're in the market for one, please see us to discuss how we can make these affordable for you. stiguns. Made for: 1911/2011 Pistols. 15: TX1 Comp: Titanium Nitride: Hard Chrome Aug 13, 2019 - Explore waynereaper's board "STI Handguns" on Pinterest. 0 oz. MODEL NAME: 1911/2011: CALIBERS: MSRP: BBL LENGTH: BBL TYPE: SLIDE FINISH: FRAME FINISH: DVC Steel: 2011© 9mm: $3,999. thank you May 6, 2020 - Explore burnzy112's board "STI", followed by 146 people on Pinterest. Jan 17, 2019 · Tags: 2011, Combat Master, STI, Taran Tactical On Christmas Eve, Taran Tactical celebrated Keanu Reeves’ birthday. STI 2011 Competition Pistols Always in Stock at the Best Price! STI Guns Line up include the STI’s 2011 Pistol Double Stack Frame: 2020 STI Staccato 2011 Pistols, STI DVC 3, STI DVC C, STI DVC L, STI DVC O, STI DVC P, STI DVC S, STI Staccato P, STI Staccato C, STI DVC Omni, STI DVC Limited, STI DVC Limited Island, STI DVC New STI Model 2011 Costa Carry Comp MPI 9mm auto. May 13, 2017 · The compensator reduces recoil by 63% and the gun uses the STI Recoil Master dual spring system to reduce recoil even further, making the Costa Carry Comp one of the smoothest shooting pistols on the market. , is a Texas-based company that manufactures complete M1911 pistols and parts for competition, duty and self-defense. ACCURACY. All new STI DVC O, STI Guns flagship DVC Open model in 9mm or 45 acp. This gun was the first ever high capacity handgun featuring the tried and true John Browning 1911 design. Comes with box and 3 mags. The Trubor is designed to eliminate misalignment of the barrel and compensator bore or movement of the compensator along the barrel threads, giving the STI 2011 Staccato XC Duo 5 9mm (nPR47735) New Description: STI 2011 Staccato XC Duo 5 9mm caliber pistol. Buy STI 2011 DVC Steel 38 Super *Free Shipping*: GunBroker is the largest seller of Semi Auto Pistols Pistols Guns & Firearms All Compensator Design– More The 2011 Custom Combat pistol I obtained for this report combines an STI 2011 5. 223 Rem - Armanov in stock with best prices and Worldwide delivery. 38 Base pad for the STI 2011 magazine. They built their success on the highly innovative 2011 pistol frame, which brought the concepts of light weight and high capacity to the trophy-winning disciples of John Browning’s master work. 165-1. Signifcant weight has been removed from the DVC slide in every possible way to better increase cycle rate, and the improved compensator alleviates muzzle jump. Based on an STI International™ 2011 Pistol, the TTI 2011 Combat Master is expertly crafted with slide lightening cuts to improve the cyclic speed and reduce perceived recoil. Incorporating unique features with patented 2011 technology and Trubor compensated barrel, the STI Grandmaster is a race ready factory pistol with custom pistol distinctiveness. 15″ classic slide, Trubor compensated barrel system, and STI’s legendary Recoil Master, the STI MatchMaster delivers all the advantages of a full size race pistol […] The Executive is based of of the STI Edge frame and slide, but features a hard chrome finish, which is the most rust and corrosion resistant of any firearm finish. STI International, Inc. STI DVC Open 2011 Pistol, 9mm, 5", Aggressive Texture Grips, Hard Chrome Finish, 20 Rd. The New Generation STI 2011 Magazine is manufactured out of 410 stainless steel, producing a magazine with longer life, greater strength, and better corrosion resistance. This is a Build Per Order Only. See more ideas about Hand guns, Gun gear, Guns. STI offers a wide selection of magazines from 120mm to 170mm with capacities Yet another effective design in the STI 2011 realm, the H. com. Atlas Gunworks 4 Port 2011 Titanium Compensator. Use the SV . 3 Ports, 2 Vents on each hole; Threaded; 1st Chamber 30 degrees forward This is the recently discontinued STI International DVC Omni 2011 with a Trijicon RMR and Surefire X300 weapon light. Clean lines, smooth curves, and two competition magazines make the DVC Open pistol race ready. 5 Shop now for in stock Pistols from STI International. 1″ slide length similar to Government model. Adding a Multi-Comp compensator to your 1911 is as fast and easy as changing out the barrel bushing. Price: 130,00€ Want to sell the following, all brand new, never installed or altered: • Akai Custom 2 Gill 4-Port Stainless Steel Compensator @ $175 • Brazos Custom Gunworks (BCG) Kreb's Style Stainless Steel Thumb Guard for STI 2011 - Right Handed - mounted on left side of frame [30-150] @ $35 GRIP- 2011® DVC Stippled, Black Color; OTHER- Dawson Precision Lo-Pro Mag Release Button, Special STI Specific Dawson Precision Magazine Magwell Specifications: Model Name: DVC STEEL 1911/2011: 2011 Caliber: 38 Super Barrel Length: 4. 8 oz. The DVC Omni encompasses our 2011® technology as well as added features most appealing to all shooters. This trigger has an overtravel screw, pre-travel tab and the shoe is swaged to the bow. More Details; STI 2011 9mm, . The STI DVC Open is STI's top-of-the line Open Division pistol. The ultimate Open Gun is not just a Limited gun with a compensator and a red dot like most companies produce. STI manufactures a full range of 2011 pistols based on its modular frame, in addition to single stack 1911s using steel and aluminum frames in a variety of calibers such as 9mm Parabellum, . All BCA “Race Guns” are built on STI High Capacity Frames, unless otherwise requested. Check out the new line up like the STACCATO C, STACCATO P, STACCATO R and STACCATO XC. The NEW MBX Stainless PCC Compensator uses the same design as our Patent-pending, Highly Revered, and Extremely Effective Aluminum Compensator, as well as the Stainless version that is ever so popular with our MBX Pro Series PCC Rifles. Also a great gun for USPSA Limited . 15″ match grade stainless island barrel fitted with an extremely efficient compensator for an overall 5. It combines the proven 2011 design, but adds a gas compensation system, an electronic sight and an extended magazine. In this video we go over the pistol and do some shooting at the range to see how it shoots. Likewise, the STI brand is almost universally recognized among those who ring steel for pride and glory. Training will only get you so far. Does anyone have any person experience with these compensators? STI DVC Omni 9mm. That is, until the company sparked a good deal of surprise within the firearms industry by adding the non-1911 GP6 to its handgun line. Our open gun comes standard with a STI Trubor barrel blank with the compensator machine in house to our specifications. Frame ASI Standard 2011 Frame Grip ASI Ergonomic Black Glass Filled Polymer Grip Enhancement applied Slide 5" Blended to compensator Features Rear Serrations Flat Topped. Both ship with two 140mm magazines. Basepads. Frankfort Arsenal & MidSouth Shooter's Supply are a couple that work as good, but the One Shot isn't the same formulation. Specs: Mockingbird Precision STI 2011 DVC STEEL 38 Super [DVC Steel] - DVC Steel – NEW 2018 • Lighter Weight Than Previous Top of the Line STI Comp Model • Titanium Nitride Finish Barrel and Compensator • Reversible, Dual Detent Slide Racker • Mounted C-More 6MOA Dot Sight • 48oz Technical specifications: • Model name: DVC Open • Pistol type: 2011 • Barrel type: TRUBOR DVC • Barrel length: 5" • Slide finish It was built on a STI Master steel lower with a Caspian carbon steel upper, custom full profile EGW two port compensator with a slant PSP07 type angle on lower portion of the comp, KKM 6" barrel, all EGW internals, Ed Brown adjustable rear and front Sight, memory groove beaver tail safety, EGW custom safety, custom magwell, serrated flat top STI Model 2011 Competition ''Race'' Gun Semi-Automatic Pistol, #SK7832, Super . The Latin meaning for Omni is “all” and the DVC Omni is no exception. 40 S&W, and . I would like to attach a compensator to barrel to allow faster follow-up shots and recoil reduction. STI barrels are made from 416R rife grade stainless steel billet forgings. 5" barrel with STI S-2 compensator, a hard chrome finish, standard STI frame and slide, front and rear slide serrations, STI high rise grip safety, stainless ambi-safety, STI full length guide rod, STI "Aichin" style mount, new C-More red dot sight, a 2# trigger pull, a weight with out magazine of 44. STI's most recent creation comes in its high-capacity 2011 family, a follow up of its top-end DVC Open 2011 Pistol, but without the requirement of major power ammunition. Magazines. 357 sig; ck arms 2011 5″ thunder series ltd 9mm. DoubleTap Sports Bull Compensator for 1911/2011 Titanium. with included steel guide rod. a. Shop our vast selection and save! Feb 01, 2013 · The left side of the magazine well bears the STI logo and company name. Para Hicap, Caspian HiCap and Springfield TRP/EMP are specific to model. staccato r; staccato xc; staccato xl; staccato xl dual tone; sti 1911. Serious. First, the comp is tri-topped to reduce weight and match most slides cut the same way. The bore is gun drilled, button rifled, then air gauged to offer the most exacting size, and most consistent barrel available. The TC2 Bull has an overall length of 2. The 2nd half of the payment of $900 will be charged when the gun is being shipped from Israel. See more STI guns!!! To enhance our high-quality inventory of 1911 products, we carry a full line of STI parts, frames, and guns. 9 inches (Black) USD $369. Next, the comp has two ports, designed around 169 power factor. Nov 16, 2015 · STI didn’t neglect the look of this gun either, with Sabre-Tooth serrations on the slide and a two-tone look. Description: BRAND NEW STI Trubor 9mm (9x19) Major with T2 Compensator, C-More, magwell and 140mm mag. Inventors of the 2011®, veteran-led Staccato builds the World's Best Shooting Handguns for duty, conceal carry, competition & protection. : $2,500-$4,000. 38 Super caliber features an STI 5. Aug 02, 2011 · Posted August 5, 2011 Hornady One Shot isn't as effective as Dillon or one of the others that uses lanolin & alcohol. 38 Super and 17+1 in . Airsoft Masterpiece Steel Frame - STI 2011 3. It has a 5 port compensator, custom fit Bar-Sto Bull Barrel The STI 2011 MatchMaster has earned the following ratings for concealability, firepower, and overall suitability for concealed carry by persons with a valid CCW permit. Regular price $20. 0 2011 in 40 S&W great condition. OPTIONS. Cogan Custom STI 2011 Open Gun, 38 Super It has a 5 port compensator, custom fit Bar-Sto Bull Barrel, Dawson Ice Mag Guide, Cocking handle, 2 ¾ pound Trigger DoubleTap Sports Cone Compensator Stainless Steel. 0. 45 ACP in the STI exclusive 2011® platform, which provides higher round capacity. Followers Only. The Guns of John Wick 3. Speed. Extreme speed is the name of the game and controlling when you reload is one key to going fast. Our compensator connects to the muzzle of your pistol to counter recoil and unwanted rising of the barrel. 0, and more. 38 cal. ck arms 1911 Brownells is your source for 1911 Compensator at Brownells parts and accessories. By combining the Trubor and Thundercomp SX designs we have achieved a barrel/comp combination that weighs only 8. Apr 24, 2020 · STI Marauder 2011 Pistol 10-905000, 9mm, 5 inch TB Compensator, Steel Frame, TreeBark Textured Black Grips, Cerakote Tan Finish, 20 Rd Allchin Gun Parts PO Box 626 Santa Margarita, CA 93453 22520 I St Santa Margarita, CA 93453 johnallchin@gmail. DS (double stack) offers all of the 2011 advantages. Custom Work For Sale. Regular price $23. 1911 Single Stack parts fit Colt, Kimber, Springfield and all other single stacks. The barrel is magnetic particle tested, button-broached and stress-relieved. More Costa Carry Comp and other STI […] STI 2011 - DVC Open STI STI 2011 - DVC Open. 6 oz compared to 9. Stainless Steel 3 Port Muzzle Brake - USED Alternative Views: This comp was aquired through Banks Bullets and used only for a few shots used in my YouTube video on compensators and the differences between them This is a 5. Designed for the fast-paced Steel Challenge matches, the Steel Master is all about speed. And, they offer a selection of those same custom quality gun parts and accessories so you can best modify or build the gun of your dreams. Mockingbird Precision STI 2011 TACTICAL DS DLC HOST [Tactical DS DLC HOST] - fTactical DS DLC HOST Caliber Options:. The idea came to STI when competition shooters asked for a gun that shot as good as their 1911, but with the magazine capacity that action shooting demands, thus the Eagle was born. Bedell 7-Port Apr 17, 2017 · A titanium nitride-coated barrel and compensator help add to the DVC Steel 2011's striking appearance. $1250 plus any shipping cost to FFL. -The Compensator is cut from the solid stainless steel bar stock for greater resistance to hear and burnout. QUICK VIEW. The company is dedicated to providing the highest quality firearms Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Match Grade STI 1911 / 2011 5. The light-rail will never limit you from shooting a night match and the oversized tactical magazine well keeps the gun readily fed for those marathon 75 round STI’s 2011, double stack versions of John Browning’s original 1911 design have become dominant players in USPSA events. And, now you can “host“ an optic, light or a suppressor— even all three. 56 / 223 compensator with a 1/2 x 28 TPI pattern. o. STI-10-300284. Jun 06, 2017 · A couple problems have occurred since the purchase of a brand new 2011 STI Trubor. STI DVC Open Pistol Description: Perfect condition and lightly used with about 800 rounds down range. 1911 Bull Barrel Compensator: - Ready to custom fit to your gun - Will fit any 1911 Bull Barrel - Compensates for recoil allowing faster shot to shot breaks In the Box - Compensator This threaded compensator will fit any 1911 Bull Barrel or Compensator attachment and is made from aluminum CNC machined parts. The ZEV 9mm comp was made with the Glock 19 in mind but does come with the standard … Looking over the pistol I found that the total “slide” length is a very manageable 5″ with the effective compensator included in that measurement. 45 ACP, & 9mm. For the basic “I’m looking for something better than run-of-the-mill” crowd, this year STI is debuting the new Hawk 5. The model includes a standard and a threaded barrel with removable thread protector, standard and suppressor height sights, an optic cut slide cover plate, extended mag This was a really popular round in terms of open guns because you can get a bit more powder in that round, and that's really gonna help to work this compensator in keeping this gun shooting flat when you are engaging targets and also keep in mind that the 30 - eight Super round needs to be major power factor in order to work this compensator so 5” Open Gun Here at Cameron’s Custom Guns we pride ourselves in providing you with a firearm that surpasses your highest expectations in reliability, accuracy, fit and finish. The aluminum shoe is the long flat design that can be contoured to any shape that you prefer. COMPETITION PROVEN PERFORMANCE — READY FOR SERVICE PROFESSIONALLY OR PERSONALLY. For more information, please visit www. Mike Searson. _ьSignificant weight has been removed from the DVC slide in every possible way to better increase cycle rate, and the improved commentator alleviates muzzle jump. Feb 03, 2018 · This is a review of the STI costa carry comp 9mm. 2, XD(M), XDs and the XDe, including Magazines, Parts, Accessories, Sights, Guide Rods, Springs, Barrel, Trigger Components, tools and much more. Description: STI Trubor Barrel, 5. 15", Steel Frame, Textured FDE Grips, DLC Finish, 12 Rd. STI MATCH MASTER 9MM When STI created the SteelMaster, steel shooters everywhere rejoiced. 1-16 of over 6,000 results for "sti 2011" Price and other details may vary based on size and color CupHolderHero for Subaru Impreza WRX STI 2008-2014 Custom Liner Accessories - Premium Cup Holder, Console, and Door Pocket Inserts 15-pc Set (Red Trim) MBX 9mm PCC Stainless Steel Compensator. In fact, at the 2016 USPSA National Championship they were the most popular choice in Open, Limited, Limited 10, as well as one of the top two choices in Single Stack. $3,750. These barrels are precision made of quality materials just like all products from STI. , now STI International, led the firearms industry into the precision world of "EDM" hammers, sears, and Dara Holsters- Manufacturer of the Best Concealed Carry Holsters, Competition Holsters, and Mounted Holsters. ck arms 2011 – 5″ hardcore series v2 . STI builds some of the finest handguns in the world. 4 Outer Barrel (Gold / Threaded) EMG / STI International™ 2011 Magazine Base Plate For Gas Magazine. Naturally, the Costa Carry Comp was a big draw. Thus, the potential benefits of a compensator on a 45acp chambered 1911 are markedly less than with high gas pressure/volume cartridges. Shopping for STI partsis quick and easy at 1911Store. Backed by a Lifetime Warranty. The company is dedicated to providing the highest quality firearms for competition, duty, or Nov 18, 2011 · STI International is a Texas-based firearm manufacturer that generally conjures a myriad of images involving numerous evolutionary phases of John Browning’s 1911. ATTENTION: STI Product is not available for purchase overseas, please do not order if you are outside of the U. for Limited 10 Round for STI/SVI & all 2011 Pistols. Extreme STI Barrels & Compensators. Recoil Systems Home > Magazine and Magazine Parts > Magazine Base pads > STI 2011. STI does the major component fitting, you add the fire control parts, sights and final finish. STI barrels for the 1911 and 2011 pistol platform are the perfect replacement part or upgrade component. 15-inch barrel along with a black diamond-like carbon finish as well as tan TreeBark stippled grips and a Picatinny under-rail for mounting I have a sti 2011 38 super mid 90s custom frame with new comp ramped barrel with compensator optima 2000 red dot sti 2 to 3 pound comp trigger double stack mag well. P Slide Set for Tokyo Marui Hi-capa/M1911 Series Arredondo NXG Compensator. STI innovated this technology and remains the industry leader and supplier of these compensated barrels. Allied Arms is proud to offer the STI brand to the Charleston area. STI 2011, STI 2011 Competition Pistols For Sale. Since 2004, PistolGear set out to be the foremost retailer of items specific to the the Springfield XD line. Our motto is “Guns, Bows, and Bullets” and we as shooters aim to serve the shooter. equipment for tactical items - IPSCStore. We got th best guns from John Wick Chapter 3. The bold aesthetics feature a hard chrome finish with a contrasting barrel/compensator in Titanium Nitride. Take your pick from three caliber options and match the gun to your needs. 5" . STI continues its push for honest, game changing innovation with the introduction of the Costa Carry Comp. 40 S&W, . The rifling is 1 in 16 twist and has 6 lands and grooves. CNC machined slide has full contact, parallel rails that are carefully matched to the grip frame for superior fit and reliability. Compensator + Outer Barrel Kits [K04] EMG / STI DVC 3-Gun 5. It’s the flagship DVC model and continues to earn its premium status throughout the competitive shooting world. See more ideas about Hand guns, Guns and Firearms. STI 2011 Costa Carry 5. 45, so I ended up deciding that my money was better spent on ammo for the guns I already had. STI Costa Carry Comp 2011 . Clean lines, smooth curves and lightning fast function are within your grasp—STI has reset the standard of race guns. Target model with fiber optic front sight and ambi safety with compensator. Limit 10 Kits. STI’s DVC O has upgraded serrations over the original DVC Open with Significant weight removed from the slide in every possible way, to better increase cycle rate and alleviates muzzle jump via the compensator. It comes with all parts necessary to run in IPSC Open or Limited division (both in 9mm). 2011/STI/Clones parts fit STI, SVI, CK Arms and all other 2011 HiCap clones. The DVC Limited represents the latest custom quality innovations in STI design. The barrel, a 410 stainless steel forging, measures 16 inches and has a 1-in-8-inch twist rate and 1/2×28 threading for the Nordic Components Tactical compensator. For STI guns, please call 254-622-2245. 2011 Double Stack STI Style Bar Stock Magazine Catch Stainless Beveled Extended $26. 0 frame/slide kit and components manufactured by Clark Custom Guns, STI, and other aftermarket sources to produce a pistol intended to run with the big guns in USPSA's Limited Division. The Double Stack Open Gun is the top fuel dragster of the handgun competition world. PRODUCTS > HANDGUNS > 1911-2011. Hardened Arms Citadel Linear Muzzle Compensator. The STI bull barrel is made from 416 Rifle Grade Stainless Steel billet forgings. 45 ACP, . 21+1 capacity, two magazines, 4. 95 New 2011 Double Stack STI Style Barstock Magazine Catch Stainless Checkered Standard This is our most popular compensator that we use on the Pro SX. Firing Pin Extended Trigger ASI Interchangeable Flat Inserts Your choice of Long, Medium or Short. The Limited has a lightened slide and fiber-optic sights. ck arms 2011 5″ thunder series ltd 9mm; ck arms 1911 – competition model 9mm black grip; ck arms – 1911 competition model 9mm. 1911/2011 Pistol Work Estimated Basic Price List (prices do not include any parts, welding, or refinishing unless otherwise stated and are subject to change) This is not an all inclusive list, just some guidelines. Added slide porting on the top and sides controls muzzle jump, and blends well with the overall DVC Limited appearance. 6-inch T1 compensator for fast target transitions and reliability with light loads. STI-10-290214. Built on the STI Modular Steel 2011® frame with polymer grip, the STI Trubor utilizes the Trubor compensated barrel which is machined from ONE PIECE of 416, Rifle Grade, Stainless Steel. STI designed the gun with a short slide and a 1. One of the features on the pistol that I really liked was the Costa spec stipple job on the tactical tan STI poymer frame and the outstanding adjustable sights on the gun. Manufacturer: STI. They are designed for use on any 2011 or 1911 pistol, with some minor fitting required. We keep a few models in stock and special order competition models. 1911/2011/HiCap. AND MAYBE A LITTLE ADDED EGO. COMPENSATOR for STI 2011 DVC TACTICAL. Today, we carry hundreds of items for the Springfield XD, XD MOD. Flattest shooting pistol I have owned. Significant weight has been removed from the DVC slide in every possible way to better increase cycle rate, and the improved compensator alleviates muzzle jump. They have been designed to be compatible with 2011 pistol frames and they come with a mainspring housing. To identify an STI handgun model, look at the engraving on the left side of the firearm. The new DVC Steel Pistol from STI International sells for $3,999. Extreme Shooters STI 2011 DVC Grip. The barrel Scope mounts, sti, 1911, 2011, gun, wilson, metalform SPS Magazine Pantera, Vista, STI 2011 38 Super, 9mm Luger 23-Round 140mm Stainless Steel Polymer Base zev pro compensator v2 zev complete lower frame glock 17 gen 3, stippled frame, double trigger guard undercuts, finger grooves removed all zev internals cmc drop in glock trigger gen 3 $185. The bore is gun drilled, button rifled, and air gauged to give you the most exacting size, best finish, and most consistent 1 in 16 twist available on the market. 1911 Compensators Gunsmithing & Troubleshooting. The Open also comes with a six m. 9mm, double stack, compensated. Barrels. May 16, 2017 · The compensator reduces recoil by 63 percent, while the gun uses STI’s Recoil Master dual spring to reduce recoil even more, resulting in a smooth shooting pistol. 75 and a gunsmith at 22three took the trigger to another level and did a competition trigger fit that is rolling and set to 2lbs 3oz for an extra $115 Used STI Steelmaster 9mm 2011 C-MORE Red Grip About Our Store: We are a family owned store in Watertown South Dakota and have been open since January 2014. 45 ACP, 4. The compensator and barrel are precision machined from a single piece so there are no threads, or alignment issues of the compensator and bore—increasing accuracy and reducing recoil muzzle jump by 45-percent. Now they are following up on their success by introducing the MatchMaster. I found myself wishing STI offered an all-steel version of the Perfect 10 chambered in . C-More Sight. And maybe a little added ego. Para 45 acp can be used for the RP45. Precision. STI is based out of Georgetown, Texas and is the premier manufacturer of 1911 & 2011 style firearms. Performance minded slide cuts enhance slide control, minimize forward recoil, and increase cycle rate. The Executive is based of of the STI Edge frame and slide, but features a hard chrome finish, which is the most rust and corrosion resistant of any firearm finish. Game ready model of an STI DVC 2011 handgun chambered in 9x19mm. With patented 2011 technology, a 4. Parts Showing 1–16 of 145 results ADC Custom 3 Gun Compensator STI/2011 40S&W (6) STP (1) TANFOGFLIO K10 (1) Tanfogflio Stock II (Square TG) (4) Tanfoglio Watch the review on TFB and Youtube for the latest. 15" Barrel Type: TX1 Compensator Slide Finish: Titanium Nitride Frame Finish: Hard Chrome Small Parts Finish The Eagle led the way in STI’s development of the 2011. STI barrels are made from 416 rifle grade stainless steel billet forgings. Cogan Custom STI 2011 Open Gun, 38 Super. Wielded by John Wick himself, this is the pistol featured in the 2019 film John Wick 3: Parabellum. Extremely accurate and reliable. STI Guns. Originally only offered from the STI custom shop, the Grandmaster is now a available as a standard model. Infinity News: To see the latest Infinity products, news, and match updates join our facebook fan club! Hi, below you're looking at a small sampling of Infinity Firearms newest creations! Atlas Gunworks is proud to offer our 2011-style two-port pistol comp, made of high-quality titanium. Apr 22, 2015 · STI is an employee-owned company based out of Georgetown, Texas and is the premier manufacturer of 1911 & 2011 ® style firearms. Magwell has been modified to fit in an IDPA bot for ESP division. 40 cal. Please see factory description below. It includes the Videos for STI/SVI & all 2011 Pistols. The Open has a Trubor-style integrated compensator and all-new slide racker that can be installed on either side. The STI Costa Carry Comp is available in both 9mm and . sti trojan; ck arms. 00: 4. For more information on how these numbers are calculated, please visit the Concealed Carry Factors™ information page. DVC 3, DVC Limited, DVC Open, Hawk 5. Joe Grine and I visited the STI Guns booth at SHOT Show Range Day and put a few rounds downrange. Although STI does offer an aluminum grip now, but only as an aftermarket option totally untextured and unfinished, essentially sticking me with a plastic frame. I am a photographer and guns are cool. Est. the gun is in great condition runs flawless would like ball park value. This is a 5. Made in Texas, USA. Racker mounted to slide. Unfortunately, We Do Not Have Any Vipers in Stock right now Total Price Is $1875. Out of Stock. I recently purchased an Alpha Wolf . CZ 75 TS Czechmate 9mm . 45 ACP in the STI exclusive 2011 platform, which provides higher round capacity. Basepads (20) Basepad Dawson EZ-Off Baseplate for STI Note: Always keep the bore brush saturated with cleaning solvent to prevent damage to the bore and/or compensator, and make each pass through the barrel a complete pass starting at the breach end of the barrel and continuing until the entire bristle section of the bore brush is outside the barrel or compensator – do not change directions when We begin with a 355 caliber, short-chambered STI Trubor blank and add our Thundercomp SX-style compensator cuts. The Czechmate is based on a modified version of the CZ 75 TS frame. Compensator 2011. For 9mm Only OFTEN IMITATED, NEVER DUPLICATED. In the 1980's the founder of STI, Virgil Tripp was hand crafting competition 1911 pistols using basically the same components and techniques of other gunsmiths of that era. It holds premium status throughout the competitive shooting arena. , 5'' barrel with 2-1/2'' compensator, blue and stainless finish, wraparound STI grips, checkered mainspring, offset cocking lever, off-hand thumbrest, and C-More sight system. Hardened Arms recently unveiled their new Citadel Linear Muzzle Compensator (LMC). Jun 19, 2017 · STI is based out of Georgetown, Texas and is the premier manufacturer of 1911 & 2011 style firearms. DRESSED FOR SUCCESS. At the same time, they unveiled what handgun Keanu will be using as he reprises his role in the upcoming John Wick 3 movie. Because of the need for product improvement, Tripp Research Inc. Ready for a custom fit to your gun. Accuracy. Precision made. 45ACP A DLC fnish makes for a tough, durable barrier, and adds lubricity to Augment these advantages with less felt recoil and other popular 2011® features, and the STI Trubor is a superior stock pistol for competition target shooting. The Thundercomp 3 has four up ports. Features a built-in barrel bushing, three chambers and seven exhaust ports for maximum recoil suppression. Springs & Follower Sets. 4" Ramped Barrel 9mm 9 X 19 - at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products! The STI Marauder holds, handles and carries well—even with its double-stack capacity. 99 View. Slide serrations on both the forward and Jan 24, 2018 · STI's new entry-level 2011: The Hawk 5. From the STI John WIck Combat Master handgun to the Benelli M2 and 9mm Sig Sauer. 0 9mm Pistol (No Engraving) STI International has teamed up with self-defense and weapons training expert Chris Costa to design the new Costa series of pistols. Binary Eng CFD Titanium Compensator 3 Port. Welcome to Brazos Custom Gunworks Online, Safety Reference • Owner’s Manual • All Model 2011 Firearms YOUR NEW STI HANDGUN - BASIC COMPONENTS STI International produces a number of different models of semi-auto-matic handguns in various calibers. MGW carries these STI barrels in several lengths, features, and calibers such as . From it’s simple beginnings as a 2 man gun shop in Texas to its current place at the top of the semi-custom market, the Employee Owners of STI have always sought to not only provide the very best products at a reasonable price, but to try to stay ahead Compensator. Arredondo Extended Pad for STI 10 rnd. I have been looking at the Lone Wolf Alphawolf comp and the Texas Black Rifle Company Micro Comp V3. Hammer Low Mass May 12, 2017 · The compensator reduces recoil by 63% and the gun uses the STI Recoil Master dual spring system to reduce recoil even further, making the Costa Carry Comp one of the smoothest shooting pistols on the market. The company is dedicated to providing the highest quality firearms for competition, duty, or self-defense use. - Compatible with STI parts - bead blast finish -Listing is for one grip with mainspring housing Looking for Armanov ARMK Muzzle Brake Compensator M Style for AR15, M4, M16 . Its island comp BBL is machined from a single piece of stainless steel, which eliminates timing issues and the potential to come Both models ship with two extended 140mm magazines for a 20+1-round capacity in 9mm and . English Français Español Estonian Russian Finnish Deutsch Italiano Hungarian ελληνικά Login Sign Up Menu Search Cart 0 SearchMore products » Cart 0 0 item(s) - 0,00 € No products To be determined Shipping 0,00 € Tax 0,00 € Total Prices are tax included Check out Quantity Total Product successfully added to your shopping cart There are We're proud to introduce our Everglades Custom Guns STI 2011 trigger. The 9mm cartridge included features a 115GR Federal HST hollow point bullet and a nickle plated piece of brass. Get the latest updates on new products and upcoming sales About STI International, Inc. Sales price $ and the improved compensator alleviates muzzle jump. SERIOUS. Can be used with your stock barrel. They also aid in the pistol running smoothly. STI 2011 For Sale. Combining this advantage with less felt recoil and other popular 2011 features, the STI Tactical is a superior pistol for all tactical applications. The new STI pistol also features a 4. Compensator for STI 2011 DVC TACTICAL with steel guide rod included. The bore is gun drilled, button rifled, then air gauged to offer the most exacting size, and the most consistent barrel available. 6 oz for the stock Trubor with S2 comp. (these problems always occur during competition and not practice) Bullet Everglades Ammo 115 JHPs Winchester Primer HS-6 Powder - 8. SPEED. The Czechmate comes configured for Open division competition with a compensator and C-More red dot sight installed. This is essentially a combination muzzle brake and blast diverter that directs muzzle blast and sound down range. 167 PF - 172-175 Problems 1) My first encounter of a problem is w The DAA 1911/2011 Ambidextrous Safeties with Shields are precision-made stainless-steel Safeties made with state-of-art Metal Injection Molding (MIM) technology. T. 76 Open Class competition is one of the most aggressive forms of handgun competition. 56 Compensator-The Taran Tactical Muzzle Brake/Compensator has a system of ports to reduce the recoil, the muzzle climb, and the noise heard by the shooter all of which helps to engage follow up targets. The STI 2011 TruBor GM has earned the following ratings for concealability, firepower, and overall suitability for concealed carry by persons with a valid CCW permit. Augment these advantages with less felt recoil and other popular 2011 features, and the STI Trubor is a superior stock pistol for competition Jan 24, 2012 · The term 2011 refers to STI’s double stack version of the 1911; aside from a very few structural differences, both the 1911 and the 2011 function in the same manner and the methods of utilizing Built on the STI Modular Steel 2011® frame with polymer grip, the STI SteelMaster utilizes the innovative Trubor compensated barrel which is designed to eliminate misalignment of the barrel and compensator bore or movement of the compensator on the barrel. 847" (without the cone) and weighs 3. This is our heaviest and longest compensator. 40sw threaded barrel for my Glock 35. They are all precision CNC machined from start to finish. 00 Ace1arms - STI 2011 Costa V. The TC2 2 Cone has an overall length of 1. 45 ACP Follower Mag Release STI 2011 Standard 1911 / 2011 Pistols 607 products. Sort STI 2011 Staccato XL 9x19. , also known as STI Firearms or simply STI (Strayer-Tripp International), is an American firearm company based in Georgetown, Texas that manufactures modular M1911-style semi-automatic pistols, such as its proprietary 2011® handguns, and various gun parts for competition, duty, and self-defence. 3g OAL - 1. 223 Rem - Armanov products? We have all Armanov ARMK Muzzle Brake Compensator M Style for AR15, M4, M16 . O. STI 2011 - DVC Open. The Costa Carry Comp features an island sight, which is attached to the barrel instead of the slide, with the compensator ahead of the front sight. com Call us at 805-550-8428 Subscribe to our newsletter. STI is an employee-owned company based out of Georgetown, Texas and is the premier manufacturer of 1911 and 2011 ® style firearms. Not for sale in California Aug 01, 2015 · There are two models: Limited and Open (shown). com or e-mail [email protected] About STI International. The STI Marauder holds, handles and carries well—even with its double-stack capacity. The light-rail will never limit you from shooting a night match and the over sized tactical magazine well, will help keep the staccato 2011. 122" and weighs 2. Toni System Left Handed (right side mounted) 3-Hole Thumb Rest Toni System STI DVC Dovetail Red Dot Mount Toni System 2011 DVC Tactical Compensator $ 145. Bedell 3-Port (MaxComp) Compensator - Titanium. sti 2011 compensator

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